A place of constant continuation of history, the people carries festivities and craftsmanship.  Toyota City is a place in Japan where you can enjoy history and nature.

Toyota City is the largest city in Aichi prefecture, the lowest land point is located in Komashin-cho (3.2m) and the highest is located in Inabu-cho (1,240m). The 1,200m difference makes the town full of hills. Around the station you will find a cityscape and gentle natural sceneries. The views joining the opposite paths of low and highlands. This is an endless travel to a place where “From one to another,” ”From the past to present” and “From someone to anyone” continues.

Profile of Toyota

The rich natural scenery is the result of the changing season and different altitude.

The fluctuating yearly temperature and different altitudes make four seasons sceneries of Toyota City more appealing. As the new season comes the scenery changes, as the altitude elevates the expression changes. This Toyota City is worth travelling all year round.

From the past until now,the ancestral history tells the good old town’s historical spots and sites.

Toyota City was first called Koromo. That history also appears at the oldest surviving book known as “Kojiki” or the Records of Ancient Matters. Matsudaira-go is where the Tokugawa clan was founded and the birthplace of Matsudaira, while Asuke is the distribution point thru Ina road. The town surrounding the remains of Shichishu Castle can remember the Koromo Domain’s twenty thousand Goku. In a place where memories of ancient people are left, try to enter and solve the puzzles of history back then.

The industrial town where the most advance technology and traditional craftsmanship merges.

Toyota City is home to Toyota Motor Corporation headquarter and factories, and more than 400 car-related companies with various engineers the technology is always evolving. In addition, there is the Obara Japanese paper along with the traditional skills that craftsmen kept and continue to pass on to next generations.