Korankei The four season‘s scenic beauty of the Korankei is enchanting, abounding with must-see tourist attractions and diverse ways of enjoying it.

The colored leaves in autumn, the dogtooth violet lilies in spring and the fun in the river in summer.  Enjoy the abundant nature to the fullest.

The beautiful ravine that connects to Tomoe River and the Iimori Mountain that looks like a pile of rice bring gentle touch to the hearts of those visiting this place. Every year visitors coming from in and out of Aichi prefectures keep increasing particularly to witness the beautiful autumn leaves. The 4,000 maple trees covered with the colors of yellow and crimson is the best part. In the full month of November, from sunset until 9:00 in the evening the trees are illuminated. In spring, the dogtooth violets blooms in groups like a carpet unfold showing its color and beauty. The fresh green negative ion season is also recommended. And when summer comes, the Tomoe River is best for families and their kids to enjoy to. In addition, the Sanshu Asuke-yashiki and the Kojakuji Temple which affiliated to Sanei buddist monk who is believed to be as the origin of maple trees is a place worth visiting.

Taking a walk through the houses of beautiful Asuke is an event that you will surely enjoy and will give you sense of nostalgia.

The charm of Asuke Town in Korankei is no less than the row of houses along the street. This place reflects prosperity and once called the lodging district for Ina and Iida roads which can be traced even until now. Once you take a walk to the perennial “Tsumairi” and “Hirairi” styles of houses, the endearing Manrin in the alley of storehouses and others, it will give you kind and nostalgic feeling.
Asuke Town as a whole also has various events to enjoy. The “Chuma no Ohinasan”(Hina Dolls in Chuma) and “Tankororin” (bamboo cages) events other than the summer and Asuke festivals are prepared, enjoy the walk through the town while experiencing the feeling back then. When you visit Korankei, do also come and see the row of houses in Asuke Town.

Take a look at those personal shops, enjoying this recreation is also recommended.

The affection at the row houses of Asuke. There, you will find stone storehouses like “Manrin Kura no Naka Gallery” that display various works, the blacksmith shop which was established during the last years of Edo period and the “Asuke Kajiya” where Live and Café are combined and the store’s charms and personalities overflow. In Asuke Town area, you can do chestnut picking in autumn, bracken gathering in spring at “Korankei Green Farm,” at “Kamikoshi Keikoku Trout Fishing Point” you can always enjoy fishing in the clear stream and a lot more of recreations that you will surely and freely enjoy.

“Hyakunenso” is convenient that you can have French food, take a bath, shop souvenirs and others.

The “Hyakunenso” has first-class chef of French restaurant, a day trip to hot spring and accommodations. Daycare service is added to give new style to an institution that provides welfare and sightseeing. You can also find delicious products to take home available at “Barbara House” Bakery and “ZiZi Kobo” Asuke ham cordially made by elders. In between sightseeing, why drop by and just try to enjoy hot spring.

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